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Dr. Megan Lindsey
Chiropractor, Bella Vita Chiropractic

  • "Dr. Megan Lindsey provided excellent chiropractic care to me in the spring of 2013. She is a knowledgeable and caring doctor who always took the time needed to ensure my health concerns and pain was relieved. In the beginning, I suffered low back pain, neck discomfort, and shoulder problems. The treatment Dr. Lindsey provided resolved all my issues! In addition, I learned more about how the human body works and nutrition, which helped some of my intestinal issues. I would recommend Dr. Lindsey to anyone looking for chiropractic care!!"
    - SH
  • "First and foremost, Dr. Lindsey is a professional. I was very fortunate to have her as my chiropractor. During the four months she treated me we worked on my upper back and neck pain as well as my TMJ. There was significant improvement in all of these. Dr. Lindsey was also very knowledgeable in outside care such as exercises to do in my own time to help with these issues.

    Those four months also marked the last four months of Dr. Lindsey's pregnancy. She never let this affect her adjustments. Not once did I feel under-treated or that I was not getting the highest quality of care. The focus was 100% on me the whole time.

    I highly recommend Dr. Lindsey to anyone looking for top-notch care. She does not stop with just an adjustment, she will work with you to improve your everyday life style to keep you healthy as a whole. You will not be disappointed with Dr. Lindsey"
    - AH
  • "I visited Dr. Lindsey for approximately 12 months. She was very knowledgeable on the human body. She also provided me with different ideas and stretches to keep me loosened up. Dr. Lindsey also had different ways to get my body aligned. Scheduling around my busy work schedule was easy and very helpful. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable chiropractor."
    - JM